Who We Are

WOWQ consists of a team of talented software developers and marketers, led by Founder, Nathan Hague.

Based in Sydney, and with coders in Canada, Dubai and Thailand, WOWQ was created to help small to medium business (SME) Owners cope with the task of simultaneously building their online sales, building a healthy list of sales leads and prospects AND do this whilst also maintaining CCPA compliance and GDPR compliance.

User data used to be the Holy Grail of marketing, but in this increasingly privacy-aware world, owning large lists of user data is no longer valuable as it once was: In today's world, that same data is now a liability - especially when privacy Auditors can ask where that data has come from..

So, enter WOWQ.

We have created not only what we think is the World's best combined Wordpress quiz plugin and Wordpress questionnaire plugin; But we've ALSO managed to make your website Users perform a self-service privacy request using the features of our WOWQ GDPR plugin and Wordpress CCPA plugin features too.

It made sense to combine all our features across both sales and marketing, WITH our privacy features that protect you from endless GDPR compliance and CCPA compliance administrative tasks - tasks which could tie you and your staff up in knots from fear of non-compliance fines!

We welcome any feature requests and we look forward to a long and successful future as the world progresses from the past model of wholesale data manipulation, to one of privacy of user data being expected and assured.

WOWQ stands at the front of this new shift, and we're dedicated to helping you in your business with whatever we can do to help you makes sales and maintain your compliance.