Frequently Asked Questions

The best Wordpress CCPA plugin is one that is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge or knowhow, whilst giving the maximum protection to American business owners against the threat of CCPA fines for non-compliance. We think the WOWQ Wordpress CCPA plugin fits this description well, as it's based on the European GDPR user data protection regulation.

Login to your WOWQ dashboard. Once there, go to your domain that you are running the WOWQ Wordpress CCPA and/or Wordpress GDPR plugin on. Click the green GDPR button next to the domain name. Login with your Google account associated with your Google Tag Manager account. Select which Google Tag Manager account you want the new WOWQ privacy container created under. Click NEXT to bring up the options for you entering either BASIC or ADVANCED mode. In BASIC mode, just paste your Google Analytics UA number and/or your Facebook pixel in the fields. Click GENERATE and wait until the Tag Manager privacy container has been created.

Yes, there is a free 7 day trial version of WOWQ Wordpress GDPR plugin. Users can install for a single domain and test out the GDPR user data and privacy controls - including the cookie consent features of WOWQ.